ZDOK English

ZDOK is a bilingual conference, offering talks both in German and English. From this page, you have direct access to all English presentations in the ZDOK archives. The texts and/or videos are listed by the authors’ names. If you prefer to browse the archives by topic and year, please refer to ZDOK Archiv. And for a complete listing of all presentations in German and English, please refer to ZDOK Talks. This website also offers a full-text search at the top right hand corner.

The following presentations in English are available as Text (PDF) and/or Video.


Aston, Judith (2015): Interactive Storytelling. Video


Bondebjerg, Ib (2017): Being at War. Video Ι Text

Bron, Jean-Stéphane (2016): The Authenticity Machine. Video

Bruzzi, Stella (2016): Acting Out and Working Through. Video Ι Text

Bruzzi, Stella (2011): Documentary, Performance and Questions of AuthenticityText


Carrigy, Megan (2016): Reenactments Make History. Video Ι Text

Coppens, AC (2017): The VR Phenomenon. Video

Costin, Midge (2021): Making Waves in Documentary. Video


Desai, Nainita (with Rothwell, Jerry & Ryan, Nick) (2021): Case Study & Workshop: “The Reason I Jump” – Immersive Sound Experiences. Video

Dufresne, David (2015): iDocs: Temporary Autonomous Zones. Video 

Dufresne, David (2015): Fort McMoney. Video


Eid, Rana (with Georgiev, Atanas) (2021): “Honeyland” – Creating Sound and Authenticity. Video


Georgiev, Atanas (with Eid, Rana) (2021): “Honeyland” – Creating Sound and Authenticity. Video

Gunton, Mike (2019): Achieving Cinematic Visuals in Wildlife Documentaries. Video

Grabowski, Michael (2017): Perception and Poetics of VR Documentaries. Video Ι Text


Halme, Mia (2012): How to Direct Life. Text

Halme, Mia (2012): «I want the audience to wonder about my protagonists». A conversation with Marille Hahne and Christian Iseli. Text

Hekman, Ludo (2015): On The Ground Reporter. Video

Honess Roe, Bella (2014): The Disembodied Voice in Animated Interview Documentaries. Video


Johnson, Kirsten (2019): A Cyborg`s Filming Wonders. Video

Johnson, Kirsten (2019): Discussion about CAMERAPERSON. Video


Kerekes, Peter (2010): A Recipe for Visual Stories. Text

Khosrovani, Firouzeh (with Maleki, Ensieh) (2021): “Radiograph of a family” – Creativity in Sound Design. Video

Kopp, Ingrid (2015): Future Challenges. Video


Maleki, Ensieh (with Khosrovani, Firouzeh) (2021): “Radiograph of a family” – Creativity in Sound Design. Video

Mogul, Susan (2011): Investigating Myself. Confessions of the Real Susan Mogul. Text


Nichols, Bill (2016): Fantasmatics and the Documentary. Video Ι Text


Oester, Kathrin (2009): Film and the Production of Scientific Knowledge. Text

Oppenheimer, Joshua (2016): Until it Hurts. Video


Pearlman, Karen (2018): Rhythmic Thinking: Svilova and Vertov`s Extended Mind. Video 

Persson, Marianne (2009): A Swedish Perspective on Cinematic Research Projects. Text


Rogers, Holly (2013): Composing with Reality: Digital Sound and Music in Documentary Film. Text

Rothwell, Jerry (with Desai, Nainita & Ryan, Nick) (2021): Case Study & Workshop: “The Reason I Jump” – Immersive Sound Experiences. Video

Ryan, Nick (with Rothwell, Jerry & Desai, Nainita) (2021): Case Study & Workshop: “The Reason I Jump” – Immersive Sound Experiences. Video


Simon, Claire (2017): In the presence. Video

Sjöberg, Patrik (2014): Money Shots: Remarks On Watching People Crying in Documentary. Video

Sladkowski, Jerzy (2012): Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Text

Smith, Tim J. (2018): Exploring the Cognitive Foundations of Cinematic Continuity. Video


van der Haak, Bregtje (2017): Documentary Immersion. Video

van Dijken, Klaas (2015): On The Ground Reporter. Video