On May 23, I had the opportunity to present my work in front of Petra Huth and her team. The gfs.bern (Association of Social Research) is specialized on research concerning Swiss politics and communication. With her background as gfs manager and political scientist, Petra enriched our project in multiple aspects.

During our exchange, her team closely evaluated our current progress in CH+. Strengths and weaknesses of the concept were pinned down and questioned. Good! The sooner we are aware of possible hiccups, the more time we have to address them. The team suggested potential partners and suggested to adjust the project time plan. The small group of research experts answered my questions on the analysis of qualitative research and participated in a brainstorm on where and how we could find participants for a final, quantitative evaluation of the app prototype.

Petra defined a couple of points which are crucial for the final evaluation. She agreed to look over my questions before they will be used in the concluding assessment. I am very thankful for this support.

Dear Petra, dear team: thank you for your thoughts!