Things are moving along! Today, on May 22, I met Zoë Maire. She is the deputy manager at FSPJ (Fédération Suisse des Parlements des Jeunes) and division manager at easyvote, the top address for simple and neutral information on Swiss referendums and the political system. In their communication, they are specialized on easy to understand texts and explanatory videos. Their content is prepared for each individual referendum as well as for general topics (such as retirement provision). With votenow, easyvote released an app which makes it even easier to be politically informed. Especially for young voters, easyvote is a reliable institution for political questions.

And now, to the biggest achievement of today: Easyvote is on board!

The possibility to embed their well-prepared information into CH+ is a major enhancement for our project. In their Bern office, Zoë and I talked about the perception of politics in everyday life. We compared our perspectives on neutral politicisation and how we could use apps to reach people in a positive manner. Zoë had a couple of propositions on the structure of CH+. What should be the first thing that users encounter?

Naturally, I did not leave this meeting without having new names in my notepad – things won’t get boring anytime soon…

With easyvote, we won another important partner for our cause. We are making progress!

Easyvote makes politics accessible. Thank you for your work and for this exchange, Zoë!