Hans-Peter Hutter ist the Head of Human-Information Interaction and professor in Computer Science at the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) in Winterthur. On June 5, I met him in their Institute of Applied Information Technology at the Steinberggasse 13.

We took another look at the target audience for our application. How can CH+ engage people who don’t (want to) care about politics? The focus of our app is simplicity and playful examination of politics, this has to be strongly communicated to users. Hans-Peter suggested to concentrate on a couple of basic principles from human motivational design.

Technically speaking, he described the different options on how to set up our application. In the end, I was allowed to send in a project proposal for the ZHAW’s pool of thesis projects.

In case you found this blog through the proposal: welcome! Nice to have you here.

Thank you for your thoughts, Hans-Peter!