From Bern, I went on to Fribourg. Here I met with the President of the Swiss Game Center and co-founder of sugarcube Information Technology, Maurizio Rigamonti. At the University of Fribourg, he teaches ‘Design and Graphics Programming for Game Development’ and at L’EPAC (Ecole Professionnelle des Arts Contemporains), he coordinates the Game Dev master’s program.

Thanks to his multifaceted experiences in the Swiss games industry, he had useful inputs on the CH+ concept and its technical implementations.

However, we did not only address the game elements in our app concept. Originally from Lugano, Maurizio could give me insights into the state of the games industry in Ticino. Moreover, Maurizio also likes to spend some of his free time on following political happenings. We talked about how the political discourse is addressed in Italian-, French- and German-speaking shows that are aired on national television.

Overall, this visit helped me in many respects.

Thank you for making time for us, Maurizio!