Since 2011, Politcast Uri is a platform for the discussion of political topics in the canton Uri. The team of volunteers produces regular podcast episodes and short videos. Christian Arnold is one of the founding members. I met him on June 9 in Schattdorf.

Porlitcast Uri records political conversations between club members, with local polititians – or they go out on the streets to interview people. Christian told me how the Politcast is organized and gave me insights on how their content is being planned and produced.

Our conversation was a good reminder that our concept has to work for both big and small cantons. With large differences between the numbers of candidates per canton (for the National Council this can lie between 2-800), this is quite the challenge… Then again, that’s what makes this project so interesting.

I am looking forward to meet the other team members at Politcast Uri’s next union meeting.

Thank you for sharing your team’s experience, Christian!