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Interview with Christoph Stutz from the Parliamentary Services

An exchange on voter participation and games.

Yesterday, I was in the Federal Palace to meet Christoph Stutz from the Parliamentary Services. The Parliament Services assure that the parliament can operate trouble free, and they are in charge of the parliament’s public relations. Here too, they use games to make politics more tangible. Christoph gave feedback on our concept and a short interview on voter participation. …

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Centre for Democratic Studies: Stefan Walter & Manuel Hubacher

CH+ from a didactic point of view.

The Centre for Democratic Studies Aarau is researching democratic systems, both nationally and internationally, while also doing a lot of work on political education. Stefan Walter and Manuel Hubacher concern themselves with political education in schools, and both use games to create innovative learning experiences. On Friday, June 6 I met them at the ZDA’s Villa Blumenhalde in Aarau. …

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