On June 21, I visited Liip AG in their Zurich office at the Limmat. I met one of Liip’s co-founders and SP candidate for the national council, Hannes Gassert. He is dedicated to creating digital applications, which are designed in the best interest of the end-user.

Liip creates mobile and web-apps. They support their clients concerning the design, development and future strategy of their applications.

After discussing the CH+ concept, he gave me strategic advice on how to continue the project.

We talked about challenges and possible solutions in the technical development, marketing and future events on the topic of digital democracy. One event to look out for is the “Democracy Festival BETA”, which will be organized by PublicBeta.

It is reassuring to see that we have voices in our tech sector which stand up for sustainable digitalization – especially with regards to our direct democracy.

Dear Hannes, thank you for your time and for your advice!