Swiss Student Sustainability Challence
Project CH+ earns the 2nd place at the Swiss Student Sustainability Challenge

For half a year, the FHNW gave me access to mentorings and coachings. Yesterday, the award ceremony took place in Basel. The prize money will be invested into further developing the app and into the realization of the requests which have been collected in the online surveys. …

On the podium alongside me there was Backpack2school who came in third, and Mycrobez who got the first prize. Backpack2School deals with the international exchange of educators and students. The Mycrobez team is tackling our worlds plastic waste problem by growing mushrooms as alternative for synthetic materials.

Also amongst the winning teams are Inegral, who help student refugees to get access to Swiss higher education system and BEEYOND, who create sustainable clothing while saving the bees.

Out of 19 projects, 10 qualified for the final round.

All these projects are commendable initiatives which will surely manage to do some good for our world. It is encouraging to see that there are many young people who consciously and actively tackle problems of our society. I am proud, that with Project CH+, I can position myself amongst them.


A large thank you goes to my mentor René Bauer, who’s always there with comments, actions and critique.

Another important person is Livio Lunin, who programmed the first prototype.

Furthermore, I would not have gotten this far without the support from smartvote, the Campus für Demokratie, step into action Bern, easyvote and many benevolent experts who shared their knowledge with me.

Personally, I was most excited about the fact that so many people replied to my online surveys. I thank everyone who participated for their time and their opinions. Now I will do my best to implement your answers and to realize your feature requests.

There is a lot to do, but things are moving along!

Integral, CH+, Mycrobez, Backpack2school and BEEYOND.