Democracy and its sustainable future

step into action is an event which was first organized by volunteers in 2011. In an interactive parcours, students playfully get into contact with various topics in the area of sustainability. This year, I joined the event to sit together with young people and discuss the future of politics, democracy and games.

The educational event has three parts:


School classes are visited by teams of volunteers who initiate first discussions about sustainability.

Educational parcours

Over the course of three hours, volunteers lead students through a parcours where they master tasks related to several sustainability goals. Meanwhile, there is a program for teachers as well.

Action market

To conclude the event, participants have the possibility to explore a market, where around 30 local organizations present themselves and where students can get active.

This year, the sustainability topics were political participation, sustainable consume, intercultural exchange and gender.

I was part of the educational parcours as a “changemaker” in the field of political participation. Next to the discussion on political engagement, it was especially valuable to be able to get group feedback on my app concept. At the market I met familiar faces from the DSJ and the Campus für Demokratie. Furthermore, it was great to get into contact with other volunteers and “changemakers”.

All in all is was a successful event. The effort and the motivation which have been invested into the organisation were truly inspiring.