Animation short by Samantha Leung and Wesllen Gschwind

Is the life of a human being more important than the life of an artificial intelligence? And if so, why? Chased by these questions the robot KAI tries to find answers, which lead him deeper and deeper into his own consciousness.
The beginning of a journey into the mind of KAI. A game of cat-and-mouse. A decision of life or death – And the question, who is he to decide?

Samantha Leung (director), Wesllen Gschwind (director), Marina Kunz (co-director), Christian Schwaller (Mentor), Jonas Bienz (Story Development), Jonas Manser (MoCap actor), Tamara Lutiger (Character Design), Sabrina Jollat (Props Modeling), Merlin Bader (Props Modeling), Sven Puister (Character Design / Props Modeling), Elena Heller (Character Design / Character Modeling), Rhoda Berger (Rigging), Raphael Pfyffer (Character Model), Liam Carter (Texturing).