Compilation, Collage, Counterpoint

Abstract by Alan Berliner

Alan Berliner will give a guided tour through some of the sounds, images, themes, and storytelling strategies that have helped define his filmmaking career for more than three decades. One of the unique features of his work is the virtuoso use of archival and found footage. At the beginning of his career, he even exclusively relied on these visual sources.

In his talk, Berliner will focus on the process of editing, using clips from his films to illustrate how he creates compellingly dynamic montages from the compilation, collage, and counterpoint of a wide variety of personal, poetic, historical, archival, and musical sources — and how the way he tells his story, can be as interesting as the story he is telling.

Berliner will also discuss the risks and rewards of using one’s own life as a “living laboratory,” and how and why he’s devoted his life to exploring the personal, familial, and cultural dimensions of identity, memory, aging, love, family relationships, and the fragility of the human condition.

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