Illuminated Flying Objects (2021)

Photo by Christian Iseli © ZhdK, 2021

Interdisciplinary workshop with BA students (Z-module), Sept. 2021

The workshop with the German title Tanz der fliegenden Lichtobjekte offered an introduction into the basic technical infrastructure and into current research activities of the Immersive Arts Space. The students designed and implemented prototypes of three-dimensional media installations with helium drones, spatial projections and 3D audio. They constructed their own zeppelin models, developed control modalities and designed video textures for them. After two weeks three immersive experiences were presented with a variety of different artistic and narrative approaches. The workshop is based on the findings and methods of the artistic research project Helium Drones.

Photo by Christian Iseli © ZhdK, 2021

Micaela Brazerol, Julia Huerlimann, Jana Meyer, Tamina Kronenberg, Yannick Meyer, Laura Nan, Carla Opetnik, Fabio Saccani, Michael Schlapbach, Sophia Strickerschall, Janosch Tillich, Violetta Vigh

Teaching staff:
Martin Fröhlich (head of the workshop, Immersive Arts Space)
Roman Jurt (Design & Technology Lab)
Serena Cangiano (Head of Fablab Supsi, Lugano)
Stella Speziali, (Immersive Arts Space)
Lukas Sander (MA Stage Design)
Johannes Schütt (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology)

Illuminated Flying Objects are featured in the Annual Report 2021 by ZHdK. Read full article [here]