Immersive Arts Practices (Autum semester 2023)

Immersive Arts Practices Doubles, Twins and Avatars

Tuesdays: 26.09. / 03.10. / 10.10. / 17.10. / 24.10. / 31.10. / 14.11. / 21.11. / 28.11. / 05.12.2023
Immersive Arts Space (1.J30) | 18:45-20:30

The Immersive Arts Practices aims to provide a general introduction to the current use of doubles, twins and avatars in films, games, the arts, and social media. Using the technologies that are available in the Immersive Arts space, the course also provides a basic understanding of creating 3D representations of humans and integrating avatars in digital media environments and immersive experiences, such as virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) photogrammetry and 3D scan, volumetric capture, motion capture, and projection mapping. In small interdisciplinary groups, the participants then develop their own projects and implement their double, twin and avatar within the range of their own capacity and the available technologies.

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Lecturers: Stella Speziali and other members of the IAS