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Medien- und Informationszentrum der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Sage: Open Access Publizieren in Zeitschriften

Update vom 09.01.2023: Die ZHdK hat die Lizenz Ende 2022 nicht verlängert. Kostenloses Publizieren im Open Access und der Lesezugang zum Zeitschriftenportfolio ist daher ab 01.01.2023 nicht mehr möglich.

ZHdK-Angehörige können seit 1. Januar 2021 in Zeitschriften des Verlags Sage kostenlos Open Access publizieren. Zudem erhalten alle ZHdK-Angehörigen Lesezugang zum Zeitschriftenportfolio von Sage mit über 1’000 Zeitschriften.

Basis für das Angebot ist der Abschluss einer Read&Publish-Vereinbarung. Eine Delegation von swissuniversities in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Konsortium der Schweizer Hochschulbibliotheken zeichnet sich dafür verantwortlich.

Eine Auswahl von Zeitschriften des Verlages mit Relevanz für die ZHdK

Empircal Studies of the Arts
Empircal Studies of the Arts aims to be a interdisciplinary forum for theoretical and empirical studies of aesthetics, creativity, and all of the arts. Anthropological, psychological, semiotic, and sociological studies of the creation, perception, and appreciation of literary, musical, and visual art forms. Whether you are an active researcher or an interested bystander, Empirical Studies of the Arts keeps you up to date on the latest trends in scientific studies of the arts.
Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications
Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications is intended to serve the needs of practicing human factors/ergonomics professionals who are concerned with the usability of products, systems, tools, and environments. It provides up-to-date demonstrations of the importance of HF/E principles in design and implementation. Articles, case studies, anecdotes, debates, and interviews focus on the way in which HF/E research and methods are applied in the design, development, prototyping, test and evaluation, training, and manufacturing processes of a product or system.
Gender & Society
Gender & Society promotes feminist scholarship and the social scientific study of gender. Gender & Society publishes theoretically engaged and methodologically rigorous articles that make original contributions to gender theory. The journal takes a multidisciplinary, intersectional, and global approach to gender analyses.
Music & Science
Music & Science is a new peer-reviewed open access online journal published by SAGE in association with SEMPRE.
Music exists in complex and diverse forms across historical time and within and across different societies; music is indisputably a cultural phenomenon but our musicality is grounded in our biology; we need to draw on the sciences to address music’s biological materiality, but we must also be attuned to the distinctive functional and discursive properties that are embodied in different cultures’ musics.
Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film
For nearly half a century, Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film has stood at the forefront of research in nineteenth-century performance of all kinds, construing theatre and film comprehensively. The journal welcomes discussion on any topic within the wide variety of theatrical arts that emerged from the Age of Revolution to the advent of sound motion pictures, as well as all ‘pre-cinema’ optical and narrative forms, ‘silent’ motion pictures and illusions.

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Alle Fragen zur Finanzierung oder zum Publizieren in Open Access beantwortet gerne das Open Access Team im MIZ. Unser Kontakt: miz.oa@zhdk.ch