Floating in Dancing Lights

Photo by Regula Bearth © ZHdK 2020

Floating in Dancing Lights is a mesmerizing dance performance featuring a dancer and a flying swarm of objects, illuminated by means of Spatial Augmented Reality. The performance represents the tentative culmination of an internal project of the Immersive Arts Space which offers a do-it-yourself framework for designing and building remotely controllable helium drones.

Preview video by Urs Berlinger & Hubert Schmelzer, ZHdK ©2020

Floating in Dancing Lights was part of the artistic research project Helium Drones. The performances premiered at the REFRESH#3 conference in September 2020.

Martin Fröhlich (project lead), Max Kriegleder (robotics, motion control), Roman Jurt (rapid prototyping, construction), Serena Cangiano (ideation).

Denise Lampart, (choreography), Naomi Khamihigashi (dancer), David Peña (assistant to choreographer), Ben Vorhar (costume design), Luca Magni, Eric Larrieux (sound).