A Day at the Beach

Photo by Stefan Dux, ZHdK ©2020

REFRESH #3 Sept 18, 2020, 19:30, Immersive Arts Space

The performance A Day at the Beach explores the use of 3D audio and projection mapping to achieve a sense of immersion without isolating the participants from the real world; essentially, enabling an imaginary fantasy world come to life. In in order to transport the participants into this virtual world, multiple levels of 3D audio and projection mapping are employed (both directly within and on umbrellas, as well as throughout the room itself).
The goal is to create exploratory sonic worlds, as well as interactive experiences where the participants’ behaviours (relative to each other and the world) shape the sonic and visual environment. These environments are best experienced from directly underneath the umbrellas.

At the REFRESH conference, A Day at the Beach will demonstrate some early results of the ongoing research project The Umbrella Project.

Crew: Eric Larrieux (project lead), Stella Speziali, Martin Fröhlich, Corinne Soland, Mariana Vieira Grünig

For tickets, please refer to the Refresh-website: https://refresh.zhdk.ch