Shifting Realities

In this research project the artistic potential of simultaneously experienceable perspectives in Virtual Reality (VR) and Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) is investigated. In a room that is transformed into an adventure landscape by means of image projections, part of the visitors use VR goggles and immerse themselves in a subjective experience, while the other part experiences the scenery from a spectator position. The VR users find a task in their world that they try to solve together. Based on their behavior, they are perceived by the other participants as actors in a performance. The interplay of these different perspectives creates scope for new practices and forms of expression in Extended Reality (XR).  

The following pairs of opposites serve as parameters for exploration:
– Storytelling vs. Game Mechanics 
– Virtual vs. Augmented
– Virtual vs. Real
– Binaural vs. Spatial Audio

The explorative research focuses at the interfaces defined by the pairs of opposites above. Through them, differences in perspective, shifts in perception, and the extent of interactivity can be shaped and controlled. The primary goal is the development of prototypical unique solutions in limited subareas. An extensive production, which includes the interaction of all components, will be implemented in a medium-term time frame.

Stella Speziali, Florian Bruggisser, Oliver Sahli, Norbert Kottmann, Valentin Huber, Martin Fröhlich, Sébastien Schiesser, Chris Elvis Leisi