Lab Insights

During REFRESH #4, team members will offer insights into the projects Shifting Realities (explorations within the intersection of reality and virtuality), Neural Volumetric Capture (experimental methods for capturing photorealistic 3D models), Digital Twins (development of animated digital avatars based on photogrammetry and Meta Humans) and cineDesk (a real-time collaborative simulation tool for the development of film scenes, VR experiences and games in 3D spaces). 

Lab Insights at the Immersive Arts Space will feature impressive demos, the opportunity to immerse oneself in virtual worlds as well as individual hands-on experiences. Members of the ISpace team will be on hand with support and available to answer questions.

Wednesday, Nov 10th 19:00-19:45/19:45-20:30h
Thursday, Nov 11th 18:30-19:15h/19:15-20h