I.A [space] at Digital Day Switzerland, 25.10.2018

In the context of the Swiss Digital Day, the ZHdK hosted the Expanding Immersive Design conference on 25 October. In addition, masterclasses, performances, screenings and an exhibition took place during two days.  The pilot projects of the I.A [space] were represented with several events:

Live broadcast:  TwinLab Performance
As a special attraction of the Digital Day Switzerland, the TwinLab performance will be broadcast live to the hall of Zurich Main Station. [More] [ Youtube]

Masterclass: I.A [space] – Experimenting with New Technology                                          How can an Art University react appropriately to technological change?  [More]

Screening: Happy Robots
Introduction to the pilot project  Happy Robots. Screening of the films Human Resources and the recording of the dance performance Mirror Mirr0r.

Exhibition: ALAN
The VR game  ALAN was created within the pilot project Happy Robots. [More]

Exhibition: Happy Robots
Information about the pilot project Happy Robots.  [More]

TwinLab Performance – The Hidden Formula / The Heavenly Palace

TwinLab-Performance. Bild: Regula Bearth ZHdK ©2018

The resulting TwinLab project is premised upon the availability of the same technical infrastructure at both locations. The cooperation can thus be based primarily on data exchange and be sustainable. Real-time transmissions allow for synchronous experiments and productions.

The first TwinLab project “The Hidden Formula – The Heavenly Palace” was developed in cooperation with the experimental theatre group Zuni Icosahedron which is based in Hong Kong and the two performances could be experienced simultaneously in both locations. The movements of the dancers were recorded at both locations using motion capture technology to create real-time visualizations in a video projection. Despite the geographical distance of over 9000 kilometres and a six-hour time difference, the motion data was transmitted in real time, thus enabling virtual interaction.

For data transmission, the TwinLab project relied on the findings and technological developments of the SNF research project “Telematic Performance”, which is housed at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST), ZHdK.
Based on Plato’s cave parable, the ZHdK performance “The Hidden Formula” explored mechanisms of suppression and restriction as well as the human will to be free. The piece was made in close dialogue with “The Heavenly Palace” by Zuni Icosahedron, which refers to the 16th century Chinese novel A Journey to the West.

Cast & Crew of the ZHdK
Dance: Sophie Bertschy, Alex Ferro, Denise Lampart, Cary Shiu
Choreography: Denise Lampart
Visual Art: Tobias Gremmler
Music: Thierry de Mey
Digital set artist: Martin Fröhlich
Technical assistance: Simon Broggi, Martin Fröhlich, Norbert Kottmann, Eric Larrieux, Olav Levrik, Hansruedi Näf, Marc Nathmann, Matthias Röhm, Marco Quandt, Viktoras Zemeckas and many others.
Production management: Andreas Birkle, Kristina Jungic
General management: Christian Iseli

Cast & Crew Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong
Dance: Chang Yu-chau, Rady Nget
Artistic direction: Danny Yung, Mathias Woo
Digital art: Dan Fong, Benny Woo
Lighting design: Mak Kwok Fai
Music: Steve Hui
Technical assistance: Dan Fong, Benny Woo, Lee Kin Tak, Tso Chi Yan, Ha Yan Pui, Ko Man Kit and many others
Production: Carmen Cheng, Chun Yin Chow, Satina Shum, Leung Kin Kai
Project management: WyWong Yuewai, Cedric Chan

Telematic Performance
For data transmission, the TwinLab project is based on the findings and technological developments of the SNF research project “Telematic Performance” of the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology ICST of the ZHdK. Many thanks to the project manager Matthias Ziegler, the applicant Martin Neukom and the whole team.