Within our lesson we explore the topic performance/happening. The planned lesson will turn itself into a performance, or is every teaching lesson anyway a performance?

Through not translating a foreign language we question the concept of languages as a communication tool. Is the intention behind a language adding up even if words are not understandable? How do the pupils react in a moment of uncertainnes created by not having clear directions from the teacher but only having a table full of different material? What will be the result of a lesson full of predestinated missunderstandings? In a second step we give the pupils the opportunity to switch the role of a ‚not understanding learner‘ into the one of a ‚not understanded teacher‘ by letting the pupils tell instructions to their classmates in their own foreign language. In this way they discover the meaning of a performance by being part of it from differnt points of views.

Yerevand, Arev, Janina, Elisa