The topic of our lesson is “figurative painting”. We plan to teach a spontaneous, sketchy and experimental way of painting. The goal is to experience painting as something free and creative. We don’t want to take the traditional, naturalistic and academic approach at painting humans but instead want to use different short exercises to challenge the students.
In our double-lesson we are going to work on the topic “self-portrait painting”. We plan on starting with short and experimental exercises, in which we try out different approaches to painting a self-portrait. The goal is to get the students started and let them experience the many possibilities of painting. After these short exercises, we will discuss a self-portrait of Paul Gauguin. The discussion will lead the students to ideas for an own self-portrait. In the second half of the double-lesson they will then get time to work on a personal, expressive self-portrait, showing their wishes, feelings or stories.

Estella, Hripsime, Fabio, Bastian