My name is Simon and I live in a flat in Zurich, together with my twin brother and our girlfriends. I love to work on various kinds of projects. Currently, I’m creating a new collection for my small fashion label called „Laerchensteig“. Besides that, I’m a passionate gardener and now that Spring is coming, I’m very enthusiastic to grow different plants and vegetables.

I consider this exchange program as huge possibility to interact with people from different countries and to share our individual experiences we made in art teaching, but also in life.

I’m really excited to meet you all and I’m looking forward to have an insight into your everyday life in Armenia. 

my personal favorite artist and artwork…

At the moment, it’s the work of Richard Artschwager, that I’m very interested in. His art is difficult to situate. You ask yourself, what you actually see. Is it a sculpture? A furniture? An architectonical ornament? An Illusion? Or neither of all? I consider the indefinable state of his artworks as quite stimulating.

my favorite exercise in school…

My favorite part of school is working on own art projects. I love to do research for topics and getting inspired by all kinds of influences. Especially, I find great pleasure in exchanging ideas and thoughts with my fellow students.

what skills can i share in the group?

Manual printing with various techniques, tailoring clothing and cooking a delicious pasta sauce

This is me with my friends on a adventurous cycling trip around Lake Constance.