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Introduction: Nicole Salvalaggio

Valie Export “Body Configurations”

I like to share in my lessons some art strategies. Recently in an internship I had shown these two Artists to my classes. The task had been to create Intagio Prints with photographs. The students were making them in a performance.
It’s important to me to show female and male Artists, as well as i want to show contemporary art and old masters. I would also like to interduce more eastern art in my classes.

Michael Wesely “9.5. – 17.5.2005”

Photographie is simply what I’m most interest in. It’s a skill and a passion I like to share.

-> This art piece fascinats me in its’s stategie. Michael Wesely invents an apperature to capture moments like this. To make visible what otherwise only can exist in our minds.

That’s me.

Introduction: David Hovhannisyan

That’s me


Hi, I am David Hovhannisyan and I am 35 years old. I started working at ASPU since 2006 and I teach drawing and sculpture. Besides teaching I sculpt and make bronze casting. I eagerly await our meeting and I hope that our collaboration will be successful.


My favorite artists…

Lynn Chadwick

Henty Moore

Antoine Bourdelle

Hieronymus Bosch

Maurice de Vlaminck

My favorite rock groups

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd

My favorite film directors

David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock

See you in April dear colleagues.

Introduction: Anne Gruber

…one artwork from the canon

Meret Oppenheim, «Le déjeuner en fourrure» (1936)

…personal favorite artist or art work

My most actual favorite work is »Assimilation« from Bea Schlingelhoff. She renamed streets in Düsseldorf with names of female artist and created a list, which was set with a new font of her font-serie »Women against Hitler«. Each font in this serie is named after female resistance fighter in WW2. For example: Anna Mettbach, Ella Trebe, Lisa Fittko, and many more …

…my favorite exercise in school

…is one of those, that evolve from shared interests of the class and myself.

…what skills can you share in the group

Bookbinding, Layout, Photoshop, developing research methods.

…picture of me

Introduction: Estella Sahakyan

One of my dreams came true
London 2018

Greetings to all the students! I’m looking forward to working with you.Previously I had chances to interact with foreign students and make friends with them,this time will not be an exception.This program is a great opportunity for all of us to interact,to exchange knowledge,experience and some great ideas.I’m excited to learn more from you,your culture,your educational system and share a lot of great things about us.

These are some of my favorite artists

•Claude Monet •Amedeo Modigliani •Mikelangelo •Diego Velázquez etc

This is the artist and the painting that inspired me a lot.

My favorite exercise

For me the most interesting exercise to try with children is to talk about a specific subject,turn it into a discussion and give them the opportunity to express themselves and to listen to each other’s ideas.I think it will help them to widen their horizon of thinking.

Skills I can share

I’m famous for my humor skills,as everybody says I can make everything seem funny and hilarious(so you’ll never feel bored with me).Also in every kind of groups I can make friends,because I always find something in common to talk about.I like to listen to different types of music,mostly rock music(always happy to discover new artists and songs,feel free to share everything new with me).I am also good at cooking,and I like to try improvising with different recipies.

Introduction: Lysanne Stroomer

An artwork from the canon:

Piero della Francesca, Flagellation of Christ (probably 1455–1460)

An artist I really like:

Joseph Beuys, 7000 Oaks

There are so many inspiring artists around the world, but for me Joseph Beuys is an artist, who fascinates me over and over again. Not only with his works, but also his philosophy and understanding of teaching.

My Favourite Exercise

What I really like during class, is when students can experience something, that they have never done before. I want them to challenge the way they see or do things normally and widen their horizon. This can be done for example with new or unusual materials and or experimental exercises.

Skills I can share in the group

I can make a delicious meal out of some random ingredients and different spices. So if we are starving at one point or an other, I will be happy to be your chef.

Hello, this is me!

Introduction: Janina Müller

This is one of my favorite artworks. It’s painted by Helen Frankenthaler:

Another painting I really like is this one by Emma Zhang:

My favorite exercise in school:

I don’t have a specific favorite exercise but I like it when ideas evolve from experimentation. When you start exploring materials and subjects and over time, you come up with an idea that you never thought of in the beginning.

Skills I can share in the Group:

I can show you some basic salsa steps. I love painting, cooking and solving riddles.

see you soon!

Introduction: Elisa Hüttner

…one artwork from the canon

I’ve chosen this painting from Jacob Jordaens (1640/1645) – “Fest des Bohnenkönigs” cause it was the source of inspiration for one of my last paintings I did about the word “Abbiocco” – which in Italian means: drowsiness following a large, delicious meal.

…personal favorite artist or art work

These days I’m a big fan of Cy Twomly’s artworks. But there are so many more like: Egon Schiele, Tracey Emin, Alex Paulus, Richard Sierra, Joan Mitchell etc.

…my favorite exercise in school

there is non specific one, which I did several times. But I like the possibility to work outside of a classroom preferably in the sunshine or to use natural material to work with, e.g. I teached a workshop for natural dyeing which was a really good experience.

…what skills can you share in the group

I make the best Müesli (Swiss breakfast) and I love to try new things and so I often have ideas how to do things differently.

…and that’s me 😉

Looking forward meeting you!

Introduction: Bastian Riesen

One of my favourite Artworks, painted by Théodore Géricault:

Another Artwork I really like by Frank Auerbach:

My favourite Exercise:

Collective drawing: Someone starts drawing a line, an object or something he wants to draw. After a while, the drawing goes to another person, which adds its own ideas to the drawing, adding, changing or crossing things. After a while, the drawing goes to the next person and so on. In the end, you get a collective drawing, in which everybody participated. It’s like a game and is meant to be fun.

Some Artists I like:

  • Goya
  • Alfred Kubin
  • Max Beckmann
  • Caspar David Friedrich
  • etc.

Skills I can share:

morning sport exercises, drawing simple comics, falling asleep fast

Painting of myself:

Introduction: Olivia Jaques

Starting with an artwork from the canon …

… from my personal, current canon: a phantastic work by Tanja Ostojic

My Favourite Exercise

My favorite exercise is something I continuously develope within the Performatorium together with Marlies Surtmann: It’s called “Schwärmen” (a german wordplay around “swarm”, like a swarm of bees or other birds or fish; the movement that is produced by such a swarm; but also in the sense of “to rave about something”); a performative approach, an exercise about collective knowledge and sensitivity.

My personal favorite artist(s)

  • Sandra Johnston
  • Jeanne van Heeswijk
  • Andrea Saemann
  • Martha Wilson

Skills I can share in the Group

listening; how to drink an orange; free writing exercises;

That’s me.

Introduction: Jean-David Jamet

This is the pictureI choose from the canon, it was painted by Claude Monet.
This is a drawing I really like and it’s from James Jean.

My Favourite Exercise in School

I really enjoy the moment when a new medium is introduced and almost nobody from class is already familiar with it. I like to use this moment to let the students experiment with this new, not yet known medium so they can have a experimental and unique approach for themselves, before being narrowed in their minds by my explanations.

Skills I can share in the Group

I’m into photography and filmmaking, so if anyone has any questions about it, go ahead and ask me, maybe I can help or maybe you know even more and you can broaden my horizon. If you wanna have a photoshooting or you want to go taking pictures together I’m totally happy to do it.

And that’s me. Nice to meet you:)

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