Barev! (it means hello in Armenian, B- for kind, Arev – Sun, so let’s wish kind sun to each other)

I am an actress-dancer at the MIHR Theatre and teaching in Yerevan State Insitute of Theatre and Cinematography! I am also art organizer 🙂 I love life! And I feel the power of the changes in Armenia through Art!!!!!

My favourite subject at school is crafts! I feel myself real whenever I am creating “something” with my hands or body!

My favourite artist…. I guess, it would be a little cheesy or strange BUT I am in love with the paintings with which I was raised… here is a painting by my Father – Hrachya Galstyan

This artwork gave me empowerment never give up in art… By this time that my father made this painting, he was already sick and wasn’t able to go out. All day long he was sitting in his room and painting… When he was painting this one… he said “Something is missing…” and added snow… and by that time the snow started to fall…

The scene from my window / Oil on Canvas 2014

The skills I am ready to share in a group…hmm…. maybe a lot of strange and funny stories! Performing Arts Knowledge! Cultural/Social info about Armenia!

And a photo of me 🙂