Monday, 02.09.2019

Toni Areal

Workshop with Jean-David

Tuesday, 03.09.2019

Picknick at Museum Rietberg

Reading: Museum as Contact Zone (James Geertz)

Discussing: Provenienzforschung / provenance research

Guided Tour in the Collection of Museum Rietberg

Discussion with Anna Schürch: Contact Zone Zürich – Jerewan. What do we learn in this exchange about art pedagogy? How does working together and thinking about art pedagogy supports our encountering?

Wednesday, 04.09.2019


Hospitation: Hohe Promenade

Reading John Dewey at artasfoundation

Thursday, 05.09.2019

Kunsthalle Zurich, Peter Wächtler und Stefan Tcherepnin

Hospitation: Atelierschule Zürich

Dance Performance

Friday, 06.09.2019

Taking Part: Autonome Schule

Preparations at Toni Areal

Raclette at Les Complices*

How to: Eat Raclette

Saturday, 07.09.2019

Lange Nacht der Museen

Monday, 09.09.2019

Preparations at Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland, Bülach

Tuesday, 10.09.2019

Teaching Lessons in Bülach

Wednesday, 11.09.2019

3 different workshops

Heinrich and Olivia – Feedback methods

Davit – Sketch Paintings

Sevada – Characteristics for the plein-air painting

Barbecue in the garden of Jean-David

Thursday, 12.09.2019

Teaching Lessons in Bülach

Friday, 13.09.2019

Reflection and Feedback

Saturday, 14.09.2019

Zürich – Performance Festival Giswil

Sunday, 15.09.2019