…one artwork from the canon

I’ve chosen this painting from Jacob Jordaens (1640/1645) – “Fest des Bohnenkönigs” cause it was the source of inspiration for one of my last paintings I did about the word “Abbiocco” – which in Italian means: drowsiness following a large, delicious meal.

…personal favorite artist or art work

These days I’m a big fan of Cy Twomly’s artworks. But there are so many more like: Egon Schiele, Tracey Emin, Alex Paulus, Richard Sierra, Joan Mitchell etc.

…my favorite exercise in school

there is non specific one, which I did several times. But I like the possibility to work outside of a classroom preferably in the sunshine or to use natural material to work with, e.g. I teached a workshop for natural dyeing which was a really good experience.

…what skills can you share in the group

I make the best Müesli (Swiss breakfast) and I love to try new things and so I often have ideas how to do things differently.

…and that’s me 😉

Looking forward meeting you!