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“City of plastic” (Abstract Group 3)

“City of plastic”

During our lessons the pupils will learn more about environmental issues. They will transform materials which are mostly used once such as plastic, paper or cardboard into a city made out of garbage.
After collecting cups, plastic bottles or plastic bags just in the surrounding of the Pedagogical University of Yerewan we realized how much garbage we cause.

The pupils are free to experiment in their group with different kind of techniques (cutting, stapling, glueing) to create a “city”. We want to re-value materials of everyday life. Our aim is to become more conscious of nature and our environment and to emphasize this during school.

Introduction: Jean-David Jamet

This is the pictureI choose from the canon, it was painted by Claude Monet.
This is a drawing I really like and it’s from James Jean.

My Favourite Exercise in School

I really enjoy the moment when a new medium is introduced and almost nobody from class is already familiar with it. I like to use this moment to let the students experiment with this new, not yet known medium so they can have a experimental and unique approach for themselves, before being narrowed in their minds by my explanations.

Skills I can share in the Group

I’m into photography and filmmaking, so if anyone has any questions about it, go ahead and ask me, maybe I can help or maybe you know even more and you can broaden my horizon. If you wanna have a photoshooting or you want to go taking pictures together I’m totally happy to do it.

And that’s me. Nice to meet you:)

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