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Out of many different materials, such as found objects or scrap, we created an installation in the classroom. The installation should illustrate a phantasy cosmos. With this phantasy cosmos we wanted to stimulate the fantasy and the creativity of the pupils. We wanted them to invent new planets, or an own world.

Many pupils needed some time to get involved. We tought each class just for 45 minutes. But it was very nice that some pupils came back to us a few days after the class and brought their drawings. They had continued drawing at home.


I’ve got the impression that the pupils like to go to school. That’s the main thing.


We (ZHdK students) are all art educators and pursue an ideal. What we we pursue and strive for is often not yet a reality in Swiss primary schools. When looking at the reality in Sukhum/i schools, we should not forget that.


On the first day we started with the lesson we had planned. The art teacher of the school criticized our lesson. The next day, we integrated a topic of the art teacher. In the afternoon of the second day, the art teacher integrated our input in his lesson. On the third day, we again were able to react to his input. This meant we had a constant exchange with him during the whole week, which was very interesting and mutually instructive.


Whistling with the pupils. On the first day we created paper-birds with the students. At the end of the lesson, each student held his bird and walked around the room whistling with his bird. Throughout the day we heard students whistling in the school.

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